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OilSands CareerMine Job ID: 380290 Job Summary
Title: General Foreman - Scaffolding (DSU) ( 3 open) Employer Job ID: 9427
Location: Fort McMurray, AB Posted: February 07, 2011
Employer: [Company] ApplyBy:

          General Foreman - Scaffolding (DSU) ( 3 open)


General Foreman - Scaffolding (DSU) ( 3 open)


Req # 9427


Job Description


• To provide site level “hands on” technical expertise during the life cycle of the Construction Project. Utilizes previous experience and formal training to ensure compliance to FISL Safety, Health and Environmental, Quality Control and Administrative Management Systems are adhered to during daily work activities.

•Align crews with adequate supervision to accomplish tasks in a safe effective manner.

•Assess Foremen and crews’ readiness for their role at the onset of each shift.

•Assign Shift Work Assignments to Foremen. (FIWP)

•Be cognizant of Productivity and Quality.

•Complete the PMPs on personnel under your area of command.

•Constantly Assess the Foreman and his “Crews” construction methodology.

•Coordinate Manpower movement within your area of command.

•Develop a strong understanding of the Clients Engineering Specifications and how they relate to your craft.

•Ensure a headcount is provided to your Discipline Superintendent at the onset of your shift.

•Ensure all personnel are aware and performing up to Safety Expectations.

•Ensure all workers have received proper training.

•Ensure any permitting requirements are in place prior to work activity.

•Ensure crews are provided the proper PPE.

•Ensure personnel are working towards the schedule utilizing FIWP’s.

•Ensure personnel have a “call In” number in case of absenteeism.

•Ensure protocol is followed regarding incident reporting and review.

•Ensure quality/inspection of installation.

•Ensure that all tools and equipment being used in the work execution have been inspected and are in good repair, color coded as required.

•Follow FISL process as per the Construction Execution Plan.

•Inform Superintendent of any “out of scope” work.

•Meet all FISL project tracking / reporting requirements.

•Mentor personnel under your command regarding construction methodology, safety and [Company]  Process.

•Mitigate issues from the Short Interval Plan

•Monitor crew break times.

•Monitor crews to ensure adequate safety / toolbox talks are occurring and documented.

•Participate with Superintendent in Stand Up Field Review Meetings to stabilize the Shift Work Assignments.

•Provide Front Line supervision for approximately 3 to 6 Foremen.

•Regularly communicate work progress, schedule variance, crew and safety performance to Discipline Superintendent

•Sign off on FIWPs as they are completed.

•Verify accuracy of FIWP completion.

•Verify daily time sheets.

•Work site inspections monitoring safety and quality of work.



Job Requirements


•Inter Provincial Journeyman Certification in Field of Expertise

•7+ years of Industrial or Commercial Construction Experience as a J/M

•3+ of these years in a supervisory capacity 

•Follow FISL Safety Management System requirements, some highlights are:

•Attend Monthly safety meetings capture and report any crew safety concerns

•Attend/Lead morning tool box talks.

•Participate in stretching program.

•Ensure Pre-Job Hazard analysis is completed on the work being planned in your area of expertise. (Help identify specialty safety equipment as it relates to the work

•scope.)“Utilize” the Employee Safety & Best Practices Handbook and how it “relates” to work scope

•Demonstrate “Safety Leadership” qualities.

•Have a good general knowledge regarding OH&S requirements and apply this knowledge to the work plan.

•Ensure all Pre-Job Task Assessments are reviewed at the morning THA meeting (s)

•Ensure all personnel know the location of all assembly or evacuation points.

•Participate in the “Green Hands” Program.

•Ability to work in both an office environment and field environments. 

•Excellent people skills

•Demonstrated Leadership skills 

•Good communication both verbal and written

•Good Planning techniques

•Attention to detail

•Excellent Organizational skills

•Appropriate computer skills, which includes: Microsoft Office Suite - Excel, Word, Power Point and Outlook.

•A good understanding of Scheduling Software Reports.

•Good working knowledge of all the construction disciplines.

•Active participation in FISL’s “Values” (Integrity, People, Success, Excellence and Dynamics) 

•FISL Orientation

•FISL Leadership for Safety Excellence

•Standard First Aid/CPR

•Site Orientation

•H2S Alive (If site goes Brownfield / Operational)

•FISL Intranet access

•OFE-FDMS access


•Valid Drivers License


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